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Trunk Buddy Shovel – Round Mouth Fibreglass Handle Xcel

Ideal gift for people who love outside and enjoy the sun.

Trunk Buddy Shovel – Square Mouth Fibreglass Handle Xcel

The trunk buddy shovel is the perfect gift this summer!

Sikaflex MS White Silicone 300ml

Sikaflex MS is usable indoors and outdoors, constraining, paintable, very durable, and highly flexible, also has excellent UV resistance

Jack and Jill Table

Custom made Jack and Jill table made at Peppers. The perfect his and hers table for your garden, backyard or deck.

Wall Art – 2.4 x 1.2 Snow White – 3mm

Wet Wall lining 2.4 x 1.2 3mm Thick. See in-store for details

Sika Showerbond Adhesive 320ml

Sika Showerbond adhesive specialist acrylic plastic shower wall.

Sika Nailbond SuperGrip 30 Minute Adhesive

Sika SuperGrip 30-minute. Fast-curing polyurethane construction adhesive.

Sikasil Wet Areas Silicone 300ml

Sikasil Wet Areas is a one-component neutral curing silicone sealant suitable for wet area applications. It is used as a joint sealant between a variety of substrates.

Sika Nailbond SB Original Adhesive 375ml

Sika Nailbond SB Original Adhesive is high-strength and heavy-duty.

Sika Nailbond PB Adhesive

Sika Nailbond PB adhesive. Rapid and repositionable multi-use panel adhesive.

Protective Duralon Acrylic Roof Paint 10L

Protective Acrylic Roof Paint 10L available in now. Check out Protective Paints roof colour chat to see what colour you  want.

Custom Seating

See In-Store to place an order for your custom seating now!!