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Bevelled Cornice Moulding

This serves as a decorative trim around door frames and windows. They are designed to hide the gap between the wall and the door jamb or the window frame. They are also used as skirting boards where the wall meets the floor.

Scotia Moulding

Scotia has appeared in classical architecture throughout the ages and is a concave molding primarily used at the base of a column. Still, it has now become much more widely used to conceal joins in wall corners and gaps between a floor and skirting board. The concave cut of the profile gives a more delicate finish between two surfaces with hard lines.

18mm x 5.4m Quad Finger Joint

Quad is a rounded profile that fits neatly into an interior corner. It is commonly used to provide a neat finish the join where floating floors meet the wall or where two wall sheets meet, hiding any irregular gaps or unsightly joins.