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Haydn Pro Edge Scraper

The Haydn Pro-Edge Scraper range is made using fully polished high-quality carbon steel with a flexible blade, full tang, and a comfortable green grip handle.

Protective Paint Fence Stain 10L

Protective Paint Fence Stain 10L come in a variety of colours. What colour do you need?

Cotec Field Marking Paint

A water-based field marking paint, available in white. A winter-grade product is also available, for extra durability during rainy conditions.

Cotec TruePrep Lime Stop 4L

A water-based primer for sealing lime efflorescence which can bleed through acrylic paints

Cotec Exterior Legacy Low Sheen Accent

Gives trouble-free life of 10 years or more when applied correctly on a sound substrate.

Cotec Exterior Legacy Low Sheen White

High-quality exterior with 100% acrylic coating.

Cotec Aquatec LP Enamel Low Sheen 1L

A pigmented water-based polyurethane that surpasses the performance of traditional oil-based enamels.

Cotec Ceiling Legacy Ultra Flat White

A premium interior acrylic flat finish paint for the ceiling. Tinting is also available.

Haydn 230mm Pad Painter Refill

230mm replacement pads for the Haydn deck and stain, interior, and exterior refill pads.

Haydn 230mm Pad Painter

The Haydn 230mm Paint Pad handle is adjustable to reach any angle and can be locked into place for secure edging by tightening the handle base. Comfort grip handle. Threaded to fit Haydn extension poles.