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Bayonet Hex Wire Netting 50mm

Bayonet Hex wire netting 50mm great for chicken runs and general garden use.

Daltons Premium Garden Mix 30L

Daltons Premium Garden Mix is garden booster. It is also ideal for rose planting.

Bayonet Hex Wire Netting 25mm

Bayonet 25mm Hex Wire Netting is made for New Zealand's harsh weather. Available in 5m or 10m rolls.

Daltons Premium Tub Mix 40L

Daltons Premium Tub Mix is a blend of high-quality ingredients and fertilizers designed specifically for growing outdoors in large containers.

Daltons Premium Seed Mix 40L

Seed Mix is a blend of high-quality ingredients and fertilizers explicitly designed for germinating and growing from seeds with vigorous and healthy root growth

Daltons Premium Mulch and Grow 40L

Daltons Premium Mulch and Grow 40L is weed-free bark-based mulch enhanced with essential plant nutrients. Mulch is the secret to having a successful garden.

Bayonet Welded Mesh 19 x 19mm

Bayonet Weld Mesh 900 x 19 x 19 x 1.0 x 5 is great for general-purpose use.

Ultra Pro BioBird BirdNet

$4.40Linear Metre
Protect your fruit & vegetables from pest damage. Buy a 4m wide bird netting by the meter.

Cosio FrostGuard 2m x 10m

Cosio Frostguard is nice and light and helps you protect your plants from frost.

Cosio Geocil Weedmat 1m Wide

Cosio Geocil is the original nonwoven weed mat. Great for keeping sun and weeds out.

Daltons Nutrient Enriched Compost 40L

Daltons Compost adds organic matter and nutrients to your soil.

Daltons Premium Potting Mix 30L

Potting Mix is awesome for indoor and outdoor plants.